Health & Caregiving Education Updates

A Visit from SoonerStart

We were so excited to have a second visit from SoonerStart as part of our Health & Caregiving Education Program. Jennifer Horton, Regional Coodinator, and Kim Wofford, Child Development Specialist, first visited Hospitality House in August 2015. They returned in June 2016 for another wonderful talk about the free resources from SoonerStart available to parents of premies and children with developmental delays. Parents with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit gathered in our Day Room for ice cream while Kim and Jennifer went over all the details about the services SoonerStart offers and how to access them. They also shared some great play and learning activities for babies, information about developmental milestones, and more. Have you heard of SoonerStart before? Do you know a new parent of a premie or child with a developmental delay who may be able to use SoonerStart’s services? Find out more about this fantastic resource for Oklahoma families at

Living Room Work-outs

Interested in getting fit, but not so interested in the gym scene? Looking for a cheaper way to exercise your way towards feeling great? Here’s a fun article from WebMD called “No Gym Required: How to Get Fit at Home.” It gives tips on how to build your own work-out, stay motivated, avoid distractions, and stick to your goals (even after one or two — or more– set backs). 

Looking for a place to start today? Here’s an at-home routine provided by the American Heart Association:

Helping to Cope

Parkside Psychiatric Hospital, located in Tulsa, is a private non-profit psychiatric hospital that specializes in mental health and substance abuse treatment services. They are our neighbors and have been wonderful partners in serving Hospitality House families. We greatly enjoyed a visit from Parkside therapist Peggy Kelley. In December 2015, Peggy led a talk about handling family stress during the holidays. Hospitality House guests, volunteers, and donors alike had the opportunity to share hot chocolate and good conversation about ways to cope with difficulty during family gatherings. We were very grateful to Parkside for bringing this opportunity to Hospitality House. If you would like to learn more about mental health resources, visit Parkside’s website at

Smoking During Pregnancy

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, smoking is the single most preventable cause of illness and death for mothers and babies. Research shows that smoking may cause pre-mature birth. Even second-hand smoke can cause significant problems for infants. To find out more about the importance of quitting during and after pregnancy, along with free resources to help, visit the Oklahoma Health Department website at 

3 Keys to Communicating with Your Doctor

We were very fortunate to have Dr. Aletha Oglesby, the author of this featured article, visit us in November 2015 to share how best to communicate with healthcare teams during medical crisis. This information is especially valuable to caregivers standing beside their loved one through a long hospital stay, receiving all of the instructions when it’s time to go home. Take a look at the article on Dr. Oglesby’s blog 


Going through a hysterectomy can be difficult, even beyond the many weeks it takes to recover after the surgery. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to connect with women who have gone through the same thing? The HysterSisters website has an online support forum, lots of articles and resources, and a list of personalized checkpoints that you can customize to fit your own experience. You can find more information about HysterSisters at 

Stroke: Prevention is the Best Treatment

According to this article from Hillcrest Medical Center, nearly eighty-percent of strokes can be prevented by knowing the signs and risks.

Knowing the signs is key to helping save a life! Check out this handy list from the American Stroke Association: